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    Duplicating Layout for new file



      Duplicating Layout for new file


      Is there an easy way to duplicate a layout to use in a different file.  The file I had in mind had identical fields but was used with different data.  I decided I needed an additional layout which I created in one of the files.  Do I have to start all over with the layout for the second file or is there a better way off duplicating it rather than just using cut and paste on the text and dragging in the fields.  I am using a MAC OSX 10.5.8 with FM-11.

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          In layout mode, you can select all the objects in a layout and then switch to the other file, enter layout mode on your new blank layout and can then paste all the objects in one mass paste. The results you get will vary depending on the design of your layouts, tables and table occurrences (boxes in Manage | Database | relationshiops)

          For best results, make sure that the table occurrence named in "Show Records From" in Layout setup... is exactly the same for both files. You can use Manage | Database | Relationships to rename a table occurrence, then change the name back after you save the layout changes if you need to to get both field names and the table occurrence names to match exactly. The same match by name applies to any fields from related tables and any portals involved.

          After you have the layouts' table occurrence names identical, do this:

          1. Enter layout mode and use the inspector's postion tab to note the height of each layout part in the original layout. (Click on each part label in turn.) You can click the units shown next ot the position boxes to cycle them to show pixels instead of inches or centimeters to get easier numbers with which to work.
          2. Switch to the new file, create any layout parts that may be missing. Then select each layout part in turn and type in the same height shown in the first file.
          3. Return to the layout and select all objects on the layout. Note the top and left position numbers for this selected group of objects
          4. Switch to the new layout and paste. Enter the same top and left position numbers you saw on the other layout into the top and left position boxes to adjust the location to exactly match.


          Note that any buttons copied from the previous file likely will need to be updated in button set up... to run the correct scripts in the new file. (there are games you can play to import the scripts that eliminate this issue also.)