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Duplicating Numbers

Question asked by mgxdigital on Oct 8, 2009


Duplicating Numbers


Our Filemaker system is used for our jobs in our warehouse.


Currently we have a field called job number which is an auto created serial number.


The problem we're up against is say we have 50 pieces on a job, then the customer only wants half (25). Currently we just ship a partial off of that job, but it's starting to become to much to handle and keep track of.


I'm wondering if it is possible for when we finish a job and the customer wants us to break it for us to create a related job with a job number that contains the origional job number plus 1, then 2...


For instance, 

I have job 5000 that contains 50 pieces.

Then a customer calls and wants 10 pieces.

I created a related job that enters 5000-1 into the job number field.

Then another customer calls and wants 20 pieces

I created a realted job that enters 5000-2 into the job number field.


This way, I always have the origional job number to refer back to in case damaged goods happen and i have a sequence of partial numbers that follow it.


Ideally i would like the related jobs to take the origional amount of pieces and substract the shipped amount to auto fill in what we have on the new job.