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Duplicating record control

Question asked by FilmUser on May 8, 2014
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Duplicating record control


     Hello - I administer a data base for a large company used by a number of employees for production specifications. FMP 12, Windows 7. Hosted on FM server 12.

     Users have record creation priviledge, but not deletion.

     It is often very useful to duplicate a record to make a new one, carrying over data. There is also data in each record (dates and other specifiics) that should be deleted from the duped record, as it will likely change with the new record. I have written a script which deletes all of this data, and the duping is set up to function on a layout containg all of the fields that need deleting (I discovered that the "clear" step does not work unless the field is on the layout.) This is the layout that must be used to run the duping script, via buttons (the script is hidden in the script menu to force the use of the buttons - from the correct layout.

     I have discovered that some of these users are duplicating records manually (too much trouble to do the script) and so creating problematic data. I don't have Advanced, and even if I removed the duplicate record menu pull down, they know the keyboard command.

     How can I force them to use the script? (I know, discipline is the real answer, but that's another story.)