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Duplicating Records

Question asked by djhcms on Jul 8, 2009
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Duplicating Records


Hi!  I'm fairly new to Filemaker as I've recently inherited managing the database we have at work. I work in an academic department at a college and we're trying to clean up the database we currently use a bit. 


We use the system to keep records of all of our students - everything from address information to graduation date to "worksheets" that outline and track their progress through their program. Every student has a unique program as our department is customizable.  Occasionally, our advisors will work up two different plans of study for one student. We already have everyone in the database, but when we click "duplicate record" to create a second version of a worksheet, any changes on the new one are reflected on the old one.  


Thoughts on how I might be able to create a duplicate that's separate from the original?  Thanks!!