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    Duplicating records



      Duplicating records


       I have a training database and when training a department on the same subject, i would like to duplicate the record but change the name of the trainee only. I would like to do this from a checkbox where I check the desired trainees and the record duplicates everything exactly but updates the trainees until the list (checkboxes) are satisfied. I am open to any solution that will produce this result, I am not married to my vision of it.

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          And we really have no idea what that vision might be as you haven't shared it.Wink

          This script does what you request:

          Set variable [$List ; value: Yourtable::YourCheckboxField]
             Set Variable [$I ; Value: $I + 1 ]
             Exit Loop If [$I > valueCount ( $List ) ]
             Duplicate Record
             Set Field [YourTable::YourNameField ; getvalue ( $List ; $I ) ]
          End Loop

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            I would have separate tables for TrainingEvents and trainees with a join table between them.  I just had Phil help me with a similar solution that allows you to have two portals, then click on each person and have them move over from a list of possibles to a list of attendees.  You can then have a different layout for each event that will just list the attendees, or a layout for employees that lists the training events they attended.

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               Thanks Phil, Exacly what I en-vision-ed, works like a charm!

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                 Mark, that solution sounds interesting for another database I have...any specific details Phil provided you that got you rolling?

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                  It works kind of like the sort dialog where you move field names from the left window to the right window.

                  Mine was to track scouts and events

                  I had 3 tables - scouts---<scoutEvents>---events

                  The set up two other table occurences of scouts and events, I called them scoutlist and event list, and set up the relationships to be

                  scouts  X eventlist  and  events  X  scoutlist   //these are the cartesan relationships that will allow you to show all of the list records in a portal

                  Then on an Event based layout set up two portals, one (possible attendees) is based on the scoutlist relationship and the other (attendees) is based on the scoutEvents relationship.  I put the scout name field in each portal and set up field in possible attendees as a button to run the script that creates the new record in the scoutEvents table, which causes that scout to now show up in the attendees portal.  Then a portal filter on the possible attendees portal removes them from the possible list.  I suppose you could add a delete portal row script to the attendees side that would take the person out of the attendees list and move them back to the possibles list.  In fact I will probably do that in mine in case the user accidentally clicks the wrong name, a strong possibility since I envision this being used in FMGo.