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Duplicating Records

Question asked by Jenny_1 on Sep 17, 2012
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Duplicating Records


     Hi All

     Earlier this year I sent in a post regarding non-sequencing serial numbers, for which I had a lot of assistance form you.

     I am using FP11 on a Mac.

     Thanks to Jim Gurley's suggestion (15/07/12) the sequencing was corrected however I seemed to have missed someting in the execution as now when I enter a new record via the Contacts Management layout  (table) all is well until I enter further information via the Enrollments layout (table).  This when a new a new record is created with the same Registration number however all the information entered via the Enrollments layout shows in the correct initial record when you go to table view. 

     I have done as Jim suggested and made the Registration Number field in the Enrollments and Notes tables a "Looked-up value" of the original field in the Contact Management table and taken off any auto entry on the Enrollments and the Notes tables.

     I can't see how to correct this problem, can you help?

     Thanks in anticipation!