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    Duplicating Records



      Duplicating Records


           Hi All

           Earlier this year I sent in a post regarding non-sequencing serial numbers, for which I had a lot of assistance form you.

           I am using FP11 on a Mac.

           Thanks to Jim Gurley's suggestion (15/07/12) the sequencing was corrected however I seemed to have missed someting in the execution as now when I enter a new record via the Contacts Management layout  (table) all is well until I enter further information via the Enrollments layout (table).  This when a new a new record is created with the same Registration number however all the information entered via the Enrollments layout shows in the correct initial record when you go to table view. 

           I have done as Jim suggested and made the Registration Number field in the Enrollments and Notes tables a "Looked-up value" of the original field in the Contact Management table and taken off any auto entry on the Enrollments and the Notes tables.

           I can't see how to correct this problem, can you help?

           Thanks in anticipation!




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               And what exactly is going wrong? Is the field set to look up a value coming up blank or looking up the wrong value?

               What are the field options and realtionship (need to know exact settings here) that you have set up?

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                 Hi Phil

                 Thanks for your response.

                 Using the FM template Contacts Management, I have created a database which has 3 tables for recording student information - Contacts Management, Enrollements & Notes; from these I have

                 From Jim Gurley 15/07/12  "Only one of your tables is the Prime [datebase term for creator if the Registration Number].  The Contact Management table appears to be the Prime Key [kp] in you relationship tables.  They are related by Contact ID, not regeistation number"

                 The Registration number field in the is set to look up the value from the Contact Management table in the Enrollment and Notes tables and it is fining the correct value - even if I take the Rego number out of these tables that will not stop the extra record being created.  The problem is I have not connectd the tables so that only one record is created.

                 When I create a new record (eg Registration #1030) via the Contact Management layout all goes as it should until I go to the next layout (Enrollment information) to add additional information to record #1030.  The new information causes a new record to be created, this record will have the same Registration Number (eg # 1030), this record will hold information from the Enrollments layout only however this same information is also held in the first record created as it should. There are now x2 records for #1030, when a new record with a new registration number is created the the process is repeated, so there is now x4 records two with #2030 and x2 with 2031, the next record created should be 2032 but in fact the Rego number is now 2034??

                 The relationship between the layouts/tables is obviously incorrect and I am not sure how to fix this?

                 I hope I have given you enough infrormation. 




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                   Hi Jenny.

                   Can you post your DB like you did last time.?  That is how i found the duplication of sequencing.


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                     If  you add the information to a record using a Portal, you will create a new record if it is entered in a blank portal row.


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                       Hi Jim

                       I have just sent the database via Sharefile.

                       Jenny M

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                         Ouch!  How did you do it last time?  I can't use Sharefile.sad


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                           Hi Jim

                           Sorry for the long delay in responding, we have had internet server problems...!!!

                           Can you tell me the best way to send the file to you?



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                             Check your Jenny "inbox" for FMP users at top right side of this page next to "signed in as".  I sent 2 notes to you with ways to do it.  Two different emails, depending on your file size.


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                               I got the file and found what is a common error.

                               The Relationship graph establishes the potential relationship not a automatic match.

                               You must have a least one match to communicate between tables using a Relationship graph!

                               I modified your scripts to pass the Student Registration Number to the Foreign Key Registration Number via Script Parameter.

                               This now establishes a MATCH and the Tables can communicate.

                               If no Match,  you get a Empty set in your scripts.

                               You MUST have a MATCH to use the Relationship graph.wink