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Duplicating Records in a Portal

Question asked by shudder on Jan 15, 2010
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Duplicating Records in a Portal


Searched around for something on this issue and could not locate anything...


This should be REALLY easy, but for some reason, FM10 is not behaving as logic would dictate.  The "Adding, duplicating, and deleting records" help entry states:


Duplicate a related record in a portal

Select the related record in the portal (making sure the whole row is highlighted), then choose Records menu > Duplicate Record.


So, if you follow this PRECISELY, you can dupe a record in a portal right there, but it takes two mouse clicks!  


Here are my findings for one mouse click duplication of portal row records:

  1. If you click into a field in a portal (so the portal row has focus!) and then choose Records menu > Duplicate Record, you will actually duplicate the main record, not the portal record (because the portal row is never actually highlighted).
  2. If you create a button to do the Duplicate Record step and put it on a portal row and then click it, you will duplicate the main record, not the portal record (because the portal row is never actually highlighted). 

So, the ONLY way to dupe a record in a portal is a TWO MOUSE CLICK solution.  That can't be right.  Right?  You must first click on some non-field area within a portal (to highlight the portal row), and only then will you be able to choose the Records menu > Duplicate Record and have it actually dupe the portal record?


Two mouse clicks?  Really?


My workaround (which really I shouldn't need!) is of course to create a script to go to the related record from the portal on a different layout that has as its table the related table, dupe the record there, and then go back to the related record on the original layout.  Yada yada yada.  Too much work!


Then and only then can you create a dupe portal row record with a single mouse click.


Can someone tell me if I am wrong about this?




- Michael