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Duplicating Toolbar Elements

Question asked by disabled_rcmiller9 on Nov 7, 2013
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Duplicating Toolbar Elements


     In the application I'm working on, I have removed the toolbar from the user's view.  I'm doing this primarily to gain the vertical screen area for other functions.  I want to include some of the elements of the toolbar (e.g. Next, Previous, New Record, Find, etc.) elsewhere on the screen and I've done this with buttons.  So far, it's been an easy process.  However, I'm having problems creating an alternative for the areas shown below.

     (I don't care to include the pie chart or the slider.)  And, I would like to include the actual record ID number rather than the "position" number that is displayed on the left.  I'm aware of the Get functions that return the numbers of total records and the found records; and, so far,  I've successfully displayed these numbers as merged variables.  However, I can't come up with a plan that updates these values under all the circumstances that a user might invoke.

     I've looked at the various databases that are available in the public domain, including the FM Starter Solutions, and I've found no examples to study.  Anyone have any suggestions where I might look for help with this issue?