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Dwindling Value list

Question asked by ClayReed on Feb 16, 2014
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Dwindling Value list


     I'm trying to create a dwindling value list and I cannot figure it out.
     I have a PhotoShoot Table and three resource tables (Talent, Location, Company). I have a Join table "PhotoShootResources" between the "PhotoShoot" table and all three "Resource Tables" (see fig 1).
     I have three portals (using tabs) on the PhotoShoot Layout (fig 2). The idea is to add resources to the photoshoot via the 3 portals. The data is posted to the "PhotoShootResources" join table related by the _fkPhotoShootID. Everything works perfectly but I want the values to be hidden if they already exist. That is when a location is added it disappears form the list to add.

     I need this for all three resources but If I could get help on one (Locations) to work I could get the rest to work. In (fig 3) you can see the fields in the "PhotoShootResources" as well as my attempt at the script. I used this script before on another solution but it is not working here. I'm sure the issue with the script has to do with empty _fkLocationResourseID fields with the same _fkPhotoShootID where other resources have been added.

     I have 3 images to upload but since I can add only one at a a time I will post three times with the fig numbers.

     Any help would be appreciated.