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Dwindling Value List with Popup

Question asked by Vinny on Apr 3, 2012
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Dwindling Value List with Popup


I'm revisiting the dwindling value list again... I've reviewed the sample provided on the web from Kevin Frank, but I can't seem to get this to work with a pop-up (don't want to use a drop down).

I have a parts table, and I want to be able to assign units of measure to parts. Each part can only have one copy of each unit of measure, thus the reason I want to dwindle the value list.

Table structure, calculation field, and value list are in the attached screen shots.

Couple of questions:

1) Why is the value list erradic?  Sometimes it works, then sometimes it doesn't. (seems to depend on whether there is a value in the portal.

2) Why won't the pop-up display the UM code?  It seems to go back to the UM ID instead which is not my expected result.

3) I assumed I want the CALC field to result in a "Number" because it is in a relationship with another number.

4) I am assuming that the relationshiop with "UMs Available" will show all items except those that are included in the CALC field (list).

The CALC Field seems to be showing the correct values per the layout snapshot, but the value list doesn't produce a list of UM's correctly, and when it does, after selection, the field reverts back to a number (first field of value list).

What am I doing wrong here?