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      Dymo 450 & 450 Turbo Label Printers & FMP 11 Help


      I need to know how difficult it is to setup one o both of these label printers to print from a FMP solution. Speaking of setting up the printing template to match the proper orientation, etc. Anyone who has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any input you may have.

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          I am also looking for information about using a Dymo 450 with a Filemaker Pro solution I am developing. I recently received a poorly-written reply back from Dymo which I include here.

          Thank you for contacting Dymo Tech Support. We do have labels that are receipt paper, you will need to find out if the software that you are using to print receipt will support our printer. You can contact Filemaker and find out if there software will support our printer, DYMO does not directly support printing from third party applications. Our software support the font size and the font style that in the program.

          Any response to your question from those who are using a Dymo printer will be of great interest to me. The Dymo 450 may be a good choice for printing narrow-style receipts. 

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            I know it has been used with FileMaker solutions before, as I seem to recall Phil telling me he had written a solution that used one before in these forums. The computer OS will handle the printer part, meaning handing it off to the printer correctly. What I am concerned about is the layout to push the data to the printer in the correct format/layout so that the orientation is correct.

            I tested this model out at a nearby store yesterday and I really like how it works.

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              Are you limited to particular fonts and simple graphic design? 

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                Not I, but there are numerous posts on the subject.

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                  And gentlemen, here is the answer to all our questions on this topic:



                  The LabelWriter SE450 label printer Include 26 built-in barcode symbologies including PDF417 and Data Matrix 2-D barcodes, POSTNET, Codabar, Code3 of 9, and most Code 128, UPC and EAN symbologies. Because the printer supports both ASCII and graphical print commands, you can quickly integrate barcode printing, graphics printing and more into your application. The LabelWriter SE450 supports user-definable height, print density, positioning and orientation. It has 5 built in fonts, each printable in regular, double-height, double-width and double-height/double width sizes. It prints all stant ASCII-printable characters plus foreign characters for Western Europe, and accepts bitmap data for printing graphics. It can also be network easily using the LabelWriter Print Server (available separately), so you can share a single printer across multiple work stations. For enhancing your Windows or Mac applications the printer also includes DYMO Label v8 software(1) for designing and printing labels, and for further customization the SDK is available for developers and is compatible across multiple platforms including Linux. It can even print labels directly from popular software programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. Fast, compact, reliable and whisper quiet, the LabelWriter SE450 label printer is perfect complement to your application or embedded system – and is certain to satisfy your needs to customization and special coding.

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                    Are you on a mac or windows?

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                      Bumper, If you are asking me, I am using a Mac.

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                        OK, this I have experience. FMP 11 and Dymo 450. It works and when it works it works well. But, I have to say in all my years of using FileMaker this was the most contrary combination I have ever run into. In all honesty, I was having to cram a lot of data, some 4 pt and 6 pt on to the business card size.  I spent a lot of time tweaking the layouts getting it to work, but once I got it where it would print it I have not a problem since. You may be using a different label size and a more standard setup, but be prepared to tweek. You are free to use any fonts that the computer has installed. Test the various modes, graphics, etc. We get very good results with the graphic mode, and still prints quickly. I had no trouble with the FM printer scripts, page set up, page orientation, etc. Do not expect any assistance from the manufacturer, they are clueless about macs.  You do have to use their paper/labels as they are thermal printers, but they can be found online at reasonable prices. Let me know if you have any specific questions or problems. 

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                          Bumper, will the Dymo 450 print plain address labels to send padded envelopes via USPS. I have a postage machine to put on the postage. Just need a simple label to put on the envelope. Since we use Filemaker 10 and 11 to run our business I can come up with a layout easily to contain the mailing address. Thanks in advance, Jerry.

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                            You should have no problems printing a simple address label. My situation involved printing two biz cards back to back with text, some as small as four point that gets very close to the edges. If you have any problems with merge fields extending over the margins you can set the first character of each merge field to the the desired font size and all rest to 4 or 6 point. But once I got it set up and working we have not had any problems for over a year of daily use. Another thing I did that seemed to help was, during the initial set up I used the Dymo layout. I then went into the Print panel in layouts, copied the Dymo margins and used them to create fixed margins. You may not have the same problems. 

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                                   I cannot find anyplace where I can can redirect the printing on a lable to vertical on my Dymo 450 label printer.   I sized the layout approprately but the address is printing across the label and not on the label as being fed by the printer.