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    DYMO 450 - Printing Labels from Filemaker



      DYMO 450 - Printing Labels from Filemaker



        New to FMF.  I've been reading this and other forums about printing with a DYMO from Filemaker, but I can't seem to find an answer to my problem.


      Windows VISTA

      FMPro 8.5

      DYMO 450 Twin Turbo 


      If I set the default Windows printer through the control panel to the DYMO labeler, my labels print fine.  If another printer is the default, I can't print to the labeler.


      I know I'm not the first to have the problem, but I would appreciate an explanation/solution so that I can print to the labeler without it being set as the default or so that I can arrive at a workaround.


      Thank you all for your help.

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             Did you read this thread? TSGal seems to have gotten a Dymo to work for her:
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            Thanks for your suggested link.  This confirms what I have read from other posters - that Filemaker doesn't work well with Dymo printers.


            My problems seem to go beyond those in the link you just sent - as I can not even get a label to print to the Dymo using the dialog (with no scripting).


            When I select the Dymo printer in either the Print Dialog or the Print restore dialog, the Dymo is not saved and the labels print to the default Vista printer.


            Frustrating.  Thanks for your help.  If you or anyone else has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.



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                 You set print setup and print, if the label prints, AT THAT exact minute, you create a script that captures the current Print Setup and Print settings.
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                This might work for you:


                I had trouble with my converted fmp system selecting the wrong printer in a print script even though I was using the setup buttons in the script editor to specify the printer I wanted. I finally got it to work by:


                Temporarily changing the script step so that the print dialog popped up and waited for user input. I then manually selected the printer I wanted and continued the script. After doing this a couple of times, the print dialog starte popping up with the correct printer already selected. I then returned the script step to it's normal "no dialog" format and the script has run correctly for me ever since.

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                  Thank you very much.  This seems to have worked.  I set the DYMO as a default printer, set up the script, tested it (it worked), then changed back to my usual default printer.  This seems to have worked.


                  Thanks!!  I appreciate your help and all of the comments.