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    Dymo label printing



      Dymo label printing


      I would like to print a label on my Dymo label printer when I process an order.  I have written a script for it, but in order for me to get it to work, I have to change the page setup to the size of my label.  This affects every layout on my database!

      Is it possible to use more than one printer in Filemaker Pro 11?  I'd like to use one printer (my default printer) to print POs and invoices and I'd like to use my Dymo printer to print labels and barcodes.

      Can I do this in FMP?

      Thank you!

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          You can do this with scripting. Use separate scripts that use print setup and print to specify both the printer and the page size.

          Either that or just select the correct page size manually each time you print to a different printer.

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            I was hoping PhilModJunk would answer.  I am a big fan.  You've helped me considerably in my FMP design!


            So what you're saying is, in my script, I should make it choose the page set up size?  My label is 2 X 1 inch.  My script is:


            Go to layout (label layout)


            Go to layout (PO) - back to the original layout


            I should add the following after the first "go to layout"?

            Page setup


            How do I choose the printer?  In the print dialogue?  Is there a way I can print without having to see any dialogue?


            Thanks again.

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              One other question:


              Does the page setup affect every layout?  Is it possible to have one layout default to a separate page setup?  Or is page setup for the entire database?

              If that's the case, I will have to include changing that in a script.

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                The current print setup affects your entire file, but it's easy to change both manually and in scripts.

                Often, developers create a series of short print scripts that contain both Print Setup and Print. Each script is used for printing on any layout where needed, but is for a specific combination of printer, page size and page orientation.

                Script that need to print, use perform Script to perform the particular "print" script that uses the desired combination of these settings.

                Print and print setup scripts can be set with the "no dialog" option so the user does not see the dialogs appear. The script steps should store the options you select in them when you create the script.

                A completely different trick is a print script that doesn't print anything. Instead, it goes into preview mode and pauses. The user is then free to select Print Setup and Print from the file menu (or save as PDF) to do whatever they need with the previewed report. Thisis often useful when the print task involves special media such as putting an envelope or a sheet of labels in your printer before you print and the preview also confirms to the user that they have the correct settings selected as it will update as they change settings in Print Setup.