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    Dymo labelwriter layout?



      Dymo labelwriter layout?


           Hello all.

           Please forgive the simplicity of this question, but I'm a complete FMP newbie.

           My database up and running and it's looking great.  Printing layouts to regular paper is no problem.

           I've created several layouts that are small (1.5in x 3in), for individual labels (i.e. folder labels), printed one at a time.

           My Dymo Labelwriter 300 receives the print command, but prints blank labels.

           I've tried oversizing the layout contents to capture at least part of it, to see where to put it on the screen, but no matter where I put my fields, and no matter how large or small I make them, I get nothing but blank labels.  I even tried moving the contents into the header, and the footer, but still get nothing but blanks.

           Please help.



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               Go to your layout and enter layout mode.

               In print setup, select both the dymo printer and the custom page size for that printer.

               You should now see dark vertical and horizontal lines on your layout. The rectangle they form is the printable area of one label. anything to the right of the vertical line will not print. Anything below the horizontal line won't print on the first label (page) of your out put.

               Size the layout and position your fields to fit inside the rectangle formed by these two lines.

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                 Thanks for the help!!  That seems to have done it.  Woo hoo!