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    Dynamic Button Text



      Dynamic Button Text


      I am trying to create a solution that is for clubs to evaluate their athletes.  The problem is that each club would like like different questions.  I have a table "EvalSettings" that I would like to have each club enter what they want their buttons to read and also the description on the popover.

      I am thinking that this could be done with Variables or Globals?   I just don't have any idea where to start.


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          Fields or variables can provide dynamic text for a button. You might first want to consider how you are going to structure this at the data level, however. Here's a thread on surveys that you might review for possible ideas: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.

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            I am not seeing how they are simular.....basically, I just want different clubs to be able to have a settings layout that will allow them to change the labels on the fields and then have the labels reflect in the database so I am able to build reports for each player showing them their results of the evaluation.  The text that needs to be modified per club are outlined in red boxes


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              And you will need a table with a record for each club where you specify this data. Do you have such a table?

              In the thread to which I referred you, a set of Questions records could be set up for each club.

              You will need a way for the system to identify which club's preferences should be used. Do you have that set up?

              What I am also pointing out is that it appears that you are collecting multiple responses to a set of questions in the same record. This is not very flexible as you may need at some point in the future to change the number of questions. It also makes tabulating responses much more difficult. So figuring out a data model that lets you collect and analyze the data efficiently is really the first thing you need to do before figuring out how to then set up your buttons to show different text for different clubs.