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Dynamic Buttons and combining scripts.

Question asked by Mitch on Feb 25, 2011
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Dynamic Buttons and combining scripts.



I have a button that changes the rotation of an image and works fine.  But, to add to the appearance of the button I thought I would dynamic image on the button that will change as the button is clicked. As individual scripts, they work fine.  Obviously when you overlay the dynamic image on top of the button, the Dynamic Image Script is executed on a click, not the script of the button underneath. 

How do I combine the two case functions into the one script so the image will rotate and the button will change?

Rotate Button Script:

Case (GetAsNumber(Main_Page::cDisplay_Source_Orientation) = 0; "270 degrees";GetAsNumber(Main_Page::cDisplay_Source_Orientation) = 270; "0 degrees")

Dynamic Image Script:

Case (Main_Page::RotateButton = GetRepetition (Main_Page::gRotateIcon; 1); GetRepetition (Main_Page::gRotateIcon; 2);GetRepetition (Main_Page::gRotateIcon; 1))