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    Dynamic Charts FM Pro 11



      Dynamic Charts FM Pro 11



      I have a Contact Management DB

      I have classified my contacts by "Professional Category" and "Academic Programme". I have 10 Professional Categories defined in one table, and 9 Academic Programmes in an other table.

      I would like to create a chart representing what kind "professional categories" are, and how many people in each "academic programme" and how many people are in each category.

      I have managed to create a static chart using Count function and to represent in two different charts how many people are in each "professional category" and how many people are in each "academic programme". Although I have clicked on "Current Found set", the chart will always show the same figures.

      Can anyone help? I am kind of stuck here.

      Thank you


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          With both charts, make sure that you have a summary field to count your records, select the summary field for your X axis (given the horizontal bar option you show), and specify "Use data from current found set" and show data points for groups of records when sorted. Then don't forget to sort your records by the Category or Programme fields.