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Dynamic Creation of Files - Decision Critical

Question asked by TimRiley on Jul 13, 2011
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Dynamic Creation of Files - Decision Critical


Hi All,

I have a very tricky one for you...

I have a Customer Table( one field -cust_id), a Store table(two fields -cist_id and store_id)

and an Item Table(two fields -Item_id and OrderQty)

For each Customer, they may have one or many Stores and for each Store the need to be able to order one or Many Items.

Here is the problem.  Lets say they have Three stores and they order a few items for each store.

      I need to output one file for each store with one record for each item ordered.

     the file name should be CustNum-StoreNum and the fields item_id and qty


    One file with four fields-  cust_id, store_id, item_id and qty

which ever one is easyer to do.

I know I am asking allot but just a Yes it can be done or a No you cant is all I really need.

any hints beyond that would be greatly appreciated... Thanks