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Dynamic Dropdown Inconsistent Behaviour

Question asked by aammondd on May 24, 2011
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Dynamic Dropdown Inconsistent Behaviour


Ok Ive built a dynamic drop down system into my database that uses a single TranslateValues table with the fields

Fieldname, CodeValue, Description. (Ill add Tablename later to do this with multiple tables)

I have populated this table with each fields value list 

I created an OnObjectEnter Script Trigger that Sets a Global Field (in its own table) with the Fieldname [Set Field (Gbl_fieldname(Get (Active Fieldname)))]

I linked the TranslateValues:Fieldname  to the Global Field

I created a Valuelist displaying Descriptions from the Translate Value showing only related values using the Global Field relationship.

I put the Global field on the layout to be sure that it changed when I entered each field

Each field has the same valuelist as its dropdown setting.

Most of the time it works as desired and I get the valuelist associated with the field name correctly. However I cant seem to find the rhyme or reason as to why the wrong valuelist pops up even when the Global field is displaying the correct fieldname. It appears to happen most frequently if I simply move from dropdown arrow to dropdown arrow but its not consistent. On occasion I get no values in the valuelist even though the global field is set to the appropriate fieldname.

Is there something Im missing? Is there a better way? I wanted to manage my value lists in a central location via tables.