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Dynamic Filtering for portal

Question asked by zinny on May 29, 2015
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Dynamic Filtering for portal









I am working on a system where clients are displayed in a portal that sits in a developer layout. The link to the developer layout is a fixed number.

I want to be able to filter the portal based on a search global field (a global field in the developer table). I have a calculation field in the client table that does a pattern count of the client name (returning a number of times the few letters entered in the search field exist). The clients in the portal are matched against this calculation in the filter Clients::patterncount >0. 

But it doesn't naturally filter, it only seems to filter after opening up the manage database and changing something and then saving.

I have tried putting the whole calculation in the filter window but this doesn't seem to refresh either.

How do I get the filter to apply as the user types in more letters, reducing the number of entries in the portal as it gets more specific?