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Dynamic filtering on value list

Question asked by skwent on Sep 22, 2012
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Dynamic filtering on value list


     I'm pretty new to FMP12 and am starting to build more complex DBs to consolidate our data. Needless to say I'm pushing the limits of my knowlege!

     Filtering value list based on the data in one field is confusing the heck out of me!!! 

     I have a Company table, Contacts table and Jobs table. When creating a new job, I want to choose a company from a pop up list.

     Next I want to choose a contact from a pop up menu, filtered so that only contacts from said company are available.

     I can get the Company to appear in pop up without any problem. I can also get ALL contacts, from every company, to pop up as well. I just can't filter them to the selected company.

     Any ideas?