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Dynamic filtred list

Question asked by Sibban on Jun 15, 2009
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Dynamic filtred list




I have a problem of connecting two tables. Table one is called Car_parts and has 3 fields, car_parts_type, car_part and price. Here I have a long list of different brands of carparts that is sorted by types of carparts.


The other table is a quotationtool and has the fields car_part_type, car_part , price and sum. The purpose of the second table is that you should have several options that you can check and get the total sum of it. 

1) is to mark or choose what kind of type of parts, i.e. an engine, wheels or something else. 2) is to choose from a list of parts that is only has the same type of parts that has been chosen from the first option, i.e. different types of brand on wheels. 3) the last is to get the price from the second option and calculated the total sum of every chosen part.


I have tried to have car_parts_types as a relationship with these two tables and make 2 drop list of car_parts_types and car_part where I marked in the specify value list the "Include only related values starting from quotationtool table" option.

I got the list to function but I don't get the right price. I only get the first price on every type of parts instead of the correct carparts.


Anyone has any good idea or better to solve this dynamic filtered list?