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Dynamic finds, dynamic getsummary

Question asked by TimSchmidt on Apr 24, 2013
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Dynamic finds, dynamic getsummary


     Let me preface this by saying I've searched this and other forums extensively for days and spoken to people with a lot of experience but still haven't been able to figure this out.

     Hi everyone. I'm still in my trail of this software and have come across a conundrum. I'm using this database for a portfolio of stocks. What I'm trying to do is put together a table that will tell me, for any single day, how many shares of a particular company I own. 

     I have a Transactions table, with a calculation field that subtracts the subsummary for purchases from the subsummary from sells and totals the current shares for each ticker.

     I can perform a find and narrow the date range ie. <= 5/5/2005 and get how many shares of that stock I had on that date.

     My problem is that I have a table that I'd like to hold our daily historical holdings and I'd like to write a script so that it can take the date in the record I'm in and use that in the find criteria of my transactions table to get the holdings on that specific date.

     Then I need to get that information from the summary and put it in the historical holdings table with it's related ticker.

     Any ideas?