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Dynamic List

Question asked by RyanCourville on Mar 29, 2012
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Dynamic List




I am working on a dynamic pop up menu.


I have a company, item, and how to make.


I want to have the company selected first, which effects what items are made for that company, then the how to make it comes up.



Joes > burger > put on grill, add cheese, toast buns etc.


Attached is the relationship I have on the tables.


I have only 2 tables with 2 duplicates of the tables.


I have the workorder table which will be where the company is selected and where the items will come up and then the how to will show.


I have the tools table where the customer is, tool, and procedure to make it.


I got it to show only the customers referencing the tools, but the tools dont come up or the how to.