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Dynamic Menues with three levels (or four)?

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Feb 10, 2013
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Dynamic Menues with three levels (or four)?


     I am not an experienced FMP user, but I try and with a trial and error doing I get most of the things I want to work. But this one function has eluded me for a long time now.

     I am trying to implement a dynamic menu with three levels into my database. And that first two was not very hard to to following a video tutorial on youtube ( But this tutorial only shows how to make two levels in the menu structure.

     I would like to have a third level, under the second level.

     That is if I choose a value from the main menu (list) , then in second menu I get a sorted list in relation to the value in the first menu. I now have a third menu that I want to have sorted in relation to the choice I made in the second menu!

     I have tried to manage this in the relationships by trial and error but I can't seem to find the right sets of relations to get it to work. So I now think there is something else involved to make it work, or at least that is why I am asking here at the forum for help!

     We can take this as an example: I have a database over the movies I see at the cinemas. And since I travel a lot I watch movies in new cities and in new countries all of the time!

     The first table, named "Movies" contains the Movies. And here is where all the relations is stored. All the movies are seen at different Cinemas, in different Cities in different Countries.
     - Life of Pi
     - The Hobbit
     - Skyfall
     - Jack Reacher
     - Hansel and Gretel
     - Total Recall
     - Django Unchained
     - Killing Them Softly
     - The Bourne Legacy
     - The Dark Knight Rises
     - The Avengers
     - Prometheus
     - Dark Shadows
     - Battleship

     The second table, named "Country" contains the Country where I watched the Movie.
     - USA
     - England
     - Australia

     The third table, named "City", that is which City in that particular Country.
     - New York
     - Chicago
     - London
     - Liverpool
     - Sydney
     - Melbourne

     And last I also have a fourth table called "Cinema", which is the particular Cinema in that particular City.
     - AMC Empire Times Square
     - Angelika Film Center
     - Landmark Sunshine Cinema
     - Logan Theater
     - AMC Theater
     - Davis Theater
     - Odeon West End
     - BFI Southbank
     - Liverpool One
     - Wolton Picture House
     - Event Cinemas
     - Palace Verona
     - Village Cinema
     - Palace Cinema

     Is this in anyway clear and is there any chance to get it to work?