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Dynamic Menus - Conditional value

Question asked by StevenWilliams on Dec 20, 2013
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Dynamic Menus - Conditional value


     Ok I am a newcomer to this database thing so please don't Slam me to hard lol...

     I'm working on putting together a simple database, Pending the Project would giving me the manufacture, Product, style and color options. If my photo bellow work out you will see I have a table for each one of my options and request but the problem is 1st as I move alone with each table the pop ups are work as follows, Pick a Project (Roofing) then under Manufactures it should only show the Roofing Manufactures. I am getting a list of them all not just the roofing. this problem is going on in each one of my tables. The final table is the Customer I want to assign a project but as I pick each Category I get the full list with in that table. I'm stumped!

     Thank you for helping this new comer



My Layout Hope this is helpful