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Dynamic Number Formatting

Question asked by datamooover on Apr 23, 2010
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Dynamic Number Formatting


Dear Forum -


Our users are running FileMaker 9 on Windows XP and have their PCs set for various countries.  FileMaker is great about displaying dates in the correct format according to the PC settings, but not currencies.  Is there some way to display a number field in US currency format (1,000.00) to some users and EU currency format (1.000,00) to others in an elegant manner? 


Here are things I have already tried / contemplated:


- I know that if I leave a number field in "General Format", then the PC country settings will be considered for a decimal point, if entered, but then the number does not always show the decimal nor a thousands separator and does not appear as currency.  If I remove "General Format" and select 2 decimal places in the Number Format window, then I must select a decimal and thousands operator character, which is not dynamic by user and appears to override the users' PC country settings.


- I know that I can use conditional formatting based on a global setting and overlap two fields, etc, but that is very messy and there are hundreds of layouts in the solution with price fields...  ugh.  This is a last-resort solution!


Please advise, thanks!