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Dynamic object size

Question asked by GuyLetcher on Jun 13, 2015
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Dynamic object size


I have recently started to make a database using Filemaker Pro. In one of my forms, I have a text box/object that needs to take a variable amount of text data. I have created a text box, but I need to find a way to set the text object to a relatively small size for the sake of appearances on the form, but which will expand when I click on it, to display all the information (I have done this, and use a scroll bar to scroll through the text), but which will also display and print all the data in the text box when I preview and print. Possible (it is with Microsoft Access, so I assume it is with Filemaker)? I have searched through the "manuals, but can only find information on sliding, that comes closest to answering this query, but seems to suggest that a larger object will become smaller when printing, but not a smaller object can become larger as well?