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Dynamic Picker?

Question asked by NaturSalus on Feb 12, 2013
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Dynamic Picker?



     The first time that I tried to create a database with FM I faced the following challenge: how to use the same data with different purposes on the same layout..

     So imagine that you have a layout based on table B, and on this layout you need to add names of people from table A. The caveat is that you could need to use the same name several times on the same layout, of course for different purposes.

     So imagine that John Smith filled in a customer complaint, and John Smith carried out the investigation of the customer complaint, and John Smith proposed a remedial o corrective action, and John Smith...

     This is the second question that I asked in this forum and Phil showed me the way to do it: for each task use a different table occurrence of table A.

     A few months later I realized the shortcomings of FM value list when you are dealing with lengthy lists. Again, Phil came to the rescue with his apporach for pickers illustrated in the enhancendvaluelist demo. 

     I have been using Phil's approach to picker setting up since then.

     The problem is that when you have to create 25 + table occurrences for table A and their corresponding pickers the task at hand is quite tiem consuming. And one can't stop thinking: "there must be a more effficent, less labor intensive way to do it"

     So here it goes my question:

     Is there any way to create just one table occurrence and picker for table A and use it "dynamically"?

     Is there a way to reuse table occurrences and relationships established without having to create as many of them as times the same data (name) could be used in a layout to table b?