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    Dynamic Portal



      Dynamic Portal


           Hello FMers, 

           I've been reading some articles about Dynamic Portal for sorting each fields in the portal. Not really finding anything about showing and hiding fields on the portal. I've like 30 fields on the portal and trying to make it more flexible for users to expand and collapse as they need. I've looked at Invisible Tabs tricks but a lot of comments said it's easy to build and hard to maintain.

           Is there any other alternatives or better solution?

           Thanks in Advance for any thoughts. 

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               You can't find anything because it really can't be done. Closest approximation is to create multiple portals--each with different field combinations and then place each portal in a different tab.

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                 what if I've large related sets like 30 records and that would be 30x 12 tabs (for example). would it gonna be too much data to load up for FileMaker Pro and IWP? I'm not sure IWP can handle that much. 

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                   I have seen a few examples, but I can't remember where I've seen them or gotten the example.   I will do some research and see if I can find more examples.   This example was in a folder name Devcon2012_FMP I believe I received this in a news letter.   Here is a link to one sample db.  https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D9559058_78119868_685153

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                     Thanks S Chambleee. Please keep me update as well. 

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                       Here is a youtube video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCM3FBlkiwM





                       Here is another example from the same Devcon2012_FMP.zip file. 



                       Ps :  I didn't watch the youtube video, completely .  I was trying to find information as quickly as possible.   (Bing / Google for information).  

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                         Hi Chamblee

                         I think the way the portal set up in the video. I've looked the both database as well. but the problem I've is hiding and expanding specific columns as users needed. as I mentioned I've about 30 fields on the portal and too much information for users. I can't connect how the method in the video will work with hiding columns and expanding similar to Table View layout > Modify where we can select the fields we want to display on table. I'm thinking of having a global field to have users select on which fields that they want to display on the portals and try to implement on dynamic portal method may be the one you share with me might work. I need some ideas if it will work or any better simple way of accomplishing the portal to display both Pro and IWP.

                         I have put up my layout sample on the bottom.  Really Thank you for your help.