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Dynamic portal filter based on radio set global variable

Question asked by Stu412 on Jan 29, 2015
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Dynamic portal filter based on radio set global variable


Hi there

I've created a portal based on a table where each record has Year against it.  On its own the portal is fine and works as I want.

If I manually filter the portal by Tablename::Year = 2013, only the 2013 year records show up.  Perfect.

I have added a radio button set with data based on Tablename::Year (2011,2012,2013) and this goes off to a global field, GF_Year.  Just to make sure that happens, I have even added the global field to the layout I'm working on and sure thing, it changes each time I click the radio set.  Good stuff.

Now, I'm trying to filter the portal by with the calculation Tablename::Year = GF_Year.  Nada. Nothing.

I've seen posts around about refreshing, caches and all sorts of other things.  At this stage I just want to keep this portal as light as possible as it's not only me going to be using it.  I've got no scripting on this so far.

Is there some sort of clear down or refresh I need to include to make it work dynamically?