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Dynamic Portal Sorting

Question asked by ClayReed on Nov 28, 2012
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Dynamic Portal Sorting


     I am having difficulty getting Dynamic Portal Sorting to work. I have 3 tables one named "Projects" another "Assets" and then a join table between them named "ProjectAssets". My portal is located on the Asset Layout (Layout based on the Asset table) and the portal's related records are from the join table "ProjectAssets". The portal fields I'm wanting to sort are from the "Projects" table not the "ProjectAssets" table. The solutions I have found online all of the field to sort are only one relationship away not two as in the case of this solution. I attached a screen shot of the solution I am trying that shows 4 sort fields as well as the script. This solution also requires the relation between the two tables to sort by the 4 sort fields. Any ideas or other solutions I should try are greatly appreciated.

     Here is the solution I am using: