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Dynamic Question List

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Mar 19, 2014
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Dynamic Question List


     Hi everbody,

     I am looking to create a dynamic list of questions for an interview questionaire.  This is what the tables currently look like:


     The Candidate table has things like name, email, resume, etc.  The Interview table has 10 boolean fields for answers.(Ex A1, A2, etc)  Each candidate can have multiple interviews from various departments.  On the questionaire layout, I then have static text followed by the Interview::A1 check mark.

     I would like to have the questions attached to the Interview table or some other table.  These questions may change over time and I would like to know the question that each answer is referencing.

     I thought the best way was to create a global table with the current questions and then a field in Interview defined by list() that is populated upon creation of an Interview record and then somehow making another field that populates only the list values that are checked.  I cannot figure how to do this or if this is even the correct path.  Please help.

     Thank you in advance.