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    Dynamic Relationships



      Dynamic Relationships


      I am fairly new to Filmaker and I am working in Filemaker 10. i am trying to build a report that is dynamic in nature. My desire is to have a report that will filter based on a Status and based on Date range. (see form below) The relationship between the two data bases as as follows. 

                 Selected status     =     Status

      AND    DatetoDate_start    <     Date Created

      AND    DatetoDate_end     >     Date Created

      I have created a field Selected status in the parent table. This field is defined as a Check Box Set in the layout.

      The layout is pullling from the table "Invoice" which is the child table.



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          Your relationship info looks correct, but is incomplete. What tables (or more specifically table occurrences) are specified in that relationship?

          Then you have what appears to be a list view layout. On what table occurrence is it based? (What is selected in "show records from" in the layout setup dialog for this layout?)

          The relationship works well as the means for displaying the specified data in a portal, but if you want the data as your layout's found set, some additional work is needed to use that data and relationshp to pull up the records you want for your layout.

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            The two tables that I am dealing with are the Main Client Data and a copy of Invoice table now labled Invoice status. The table occurence that the report is based on is Invoice Status.

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              Ok, then if date start, date end and status are fields with global storage specified, you can use the following script to pull up your report:

              Go to layout [Client Status] //sets correct context for the next script step
              Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Invoice status update ; Using layout: "Invoice status update" (Invoice status update)]

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                Thank you for your assistance. I've got it working.