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Dynamic report headers

Question asked by TurtleKoala on Nov 5, 2012
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Dynamic report headers


     Hello People,

     I have heard that tabs were changed up a bit in Filemaker 12, so I should clarify that I am using Filemaker 11.

     I have a report that has a leading sub-summary when sorted by category. Each category has different fields. I have it working so that the correct information is showing for each record based on its category, but I am trying to put category specific headers in the leading sub-summary part. At first, I put all of the headers on a single line with a lot of overlapping occurring. I then used conditional formatting to set their color to black when they were the correct header for the given category, and gray (the background color) when they were not the correct header for the category. Unforunately, setting them to the background color was not the same thing as making them invisible because if an unused header was in front of a used header, the desired header would be obscured.

     Now I am trying to use a tab control, where each tab has a different set of headers, and the tabs are invisible. However, it seems that the tab control for each category is set to the same tab i.e. I can't have the first tab selected for category one, and the second tab selected for category two. Is there any way to make Filemaker do this? Also, if not, would this be possible in Filemaker 12? I doubt we will upgade to 12, as we would have to update about 10 liscences, but who noes.

     Unfortunately, I assume that I'll have to make some of the headers into calculation fields, which is a bit of a pain as the headers don't line up particularly nicely. Also, I curently only have 5 different categories, but I expect this number to grow, and as the number grows, the calculation fields will become more cumbersome.

     Any advice is greatly appreciated.