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Dynamic Report Issue

Question asked by d.justins on Jun 10, 2010
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Dynamic Report Issue


Hi there.

I'm having a small issue with a relationship filter.

What i am trying to accomplish is a dynamic report being published when my user chooses a date. The point of the report is to sum the hours on an Attendence table based on a month. For this i have a relationship created with a userID and a calculation field. I have this already working with another instance showing the hours based on a calculation returning the current month. The problem is, i get blocked when i add global fields in the calculation.


My calculation that works is this:


Case( Month(Activity_Date)=Month(Get(CurrentDate)) and Year(Activity_Date)=Year(Get(CurrentDate)); 968 ; 0)


The relationship instance is based off of a field holding the userID and a field holding 968. This works. Then i have a calculation on the user table summing total hours based on this relationship instance.


My problem calculation is one that has global fields holding a month value instead of the current month. This is where the relationship goes sour. The calculation is returning proper results, but i get a little "Stop Sign" block on the relationship.


So why would it not like my calculation then? and Is there another way around this?