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    Dynamic Schedule Print Out



      Dynamic Schedule Print Out


           I'm trying to create a layout that displays several portals that resemble a form. I can use a portal to display some of the data but a few of the portals contain data that varies on a daily basis (e.g.; the number of portal rows are unpredictable) thus I cannot use portals. 

      I'm looking for a way to display data from a portal in a text field ( perhaps a global field ) so I can adjust font size based on the length of the records listed (I know how to write the code for this).

           Anyone have any ideas?

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               Since portals can have scroll bars, a variable number of portal rows does not automatically preclude using them.

               If you need a variable portal height that works when the layout is printed, previewed or saved as PDF, you can set up this layout or a copy of the layout where you have a very large number of portal rows but set the portal to "slide up", "resize enclosing part". This change is not visible in browse mode so you sometimes end up with two layouts, one for data entry where the portals are smaller but have scroll bars and one for printing where the portals are larger but set to slide up.

               This is not the only option and FielMaker 12 can display data you would otherwise put in a portal as text in a single field with tabs and returns separating fields and rows of data. An identical result can be done if you define a calculation field in the portal's table that concatenates all the fields into a single field and then a calculation field that uses List can combine these rows into return separated rows of data.

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                 Thanks for the direction...  I have a layout set up that filters portals by date with a global field.  I created a new global field that lists a concatenated field from each table i need to pull a data from.

                 Works fine! Thanks again!