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    Dynamic selection of fields to print



      Dynamic selection of fields to print


      Is there a way to create a scrip to allow a user to dynamically select which fields from a database to print, instead of printig from a static layout?


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          Not exactly, but you can get that effect if you choose to put in the effort to do so.

          You can use calculation fields that return a value only if another field has a value and you can use such fields for both the data and the field labels. You can then place all your fields on a layout and set them to slide up, also resize enclosing part when empty. Or you could simply make the layout a table view layout.

          Here's a pair of sample calculation fields to illustrate:

          If ( ShowAddressField ; AddressField ; "" )

          If ( ShowAddressField ; "Address: " ; "" )

          The first calculation field would be placed on your print layout instead of the actual address field and the second would be used in place of the field's label text.