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Dynamic Tabbed Webviewers and Auto Posting Logins

Question asked by KevinForte on Dec 4, 2010


Dynamic Tabbed Webviewers and Auto Posting Logins


I'm not sure how best to approach this, but either way I have no idea how to have a script send an http post to a webform to log into the website with credentials from FileMaker data records.




Relationship between Tables using userid.


When selecting the Layout for the User, I'd like to have a script dynamically create a tab control and add a new tab for each WEBACCOUNT the User has, add a webviewer to the tab, name the tab the WEBSITENAME field, then automatically log into the website with the credentials from the data.

I've seen many different confusing possibilities, but cannot seem to figure out how to accomplish this.

The dynamic generation of the tabs and controls is sort of secondary, its the auto-login functionality I am really most interested in accomplishing.