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Dynamic text box sizes

Question asked by Me. on Jul 8, 2013


Dynamic text box sizes


     We're putting together an issue tracking system, which will contain posts from anyone involved, along with automated input from the system, tagging certain events and emails cut and pasted. This will then be viewable as a continuous scrollable frame on one side of the layout, each post needs to be viewable in it's entirety and would only need to take up as much space as required.

     I can only get textboxes to display in a fixed size. Pasting an email with 20-30 lines means that textbox has it's own scrollbar, so the reader would have to stop and scroll up and down that individual box. Or... a small single line entry would have massive empty space if catering for a 10 line textbox.

     I thought about scripting it so when the layout is opened, it reads from a table where the posts are stored and generates a single massive textbox containing everything in chronological order, but this would create massive overheads for the system?

     Can anyone suggest a solution for this?