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Dynamic text field width and placement

Question asked by AaronHamilton_1 on Jun 25, 2013
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Dynamic text field width and placement


     I have a field that I am using as part of a simple breadcrumb to lead users back to the previous layout. In this instance I am viewing/editting a Sub Section layout of the User Profile and I want to link back to the User Profile layout.

     I would like this field to auto size the width to fit the person's name. I would typically just set the size of the field to be bigger than needed to accomodate but I want to add the page title of the current layout just to the right of the user's name.


User Name / Sub Section Layout

     My questions:

     1. Can the width of the User Name text field be dynamic to the amount of content?

     2. Can I set the Sub Section Title's x_position to be relative to User Name field?