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Dynamic Title and Date Modified

Question asked by servantheart on Jun 23, 2010
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Dynamic Title and Date Modified


I am fairly new to FileMaker. I'm using FileMaker Pro 7.


I have a window that pulls up the Master Schedule of all of our clients. Is there a way to make the title in the header change automatically based on the data that is sorted? I would like to search for a specific client in a specific year and have that be the title. For example, I would sort through all of the data for just MacDonald's and 2010. How would I make the title read "2010 MacDonald's Master Schedule"?


I also need to have a date last modified field for the sort. I have been able to create a field in each record that shows when the specific record was last modified, but how do I create a field that shows the most recent modification from all of the records that have been sorted?


Thank you so much for your help!