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Dynamic use of layout fields.

Question asked by KarlBrowning on Jul 23, 2011
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Dynamic use of layout fields.


I've been unable to figure out how to continue to be lazy.


I have a table with a very long list of computed fields.  The best I've been able to figure out to-date is write a long list of script commands to act on each field independently.  Lots of coding.  Lots of maintenance opportunities.

Would like something of the nature of:

Get the list of fields from a layout

loop (for the number of fields in the list)   exit when complete

set valueof_thisField (loopcount) to ( valueof_thisField (loopcount) * 110% )

increment loopcount 'til done

Get (Fieldname) seems to maybe? get me there but I do not see how to parse it in the fashion I described above.

Any help you are able to offer is sincerely appreciated.