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    Dynamic Value List



      Dynamic Value List


      Dear Support:


      I have been stuck on a problem for some time now.  I am trying to create a value list in a "subcategory field" that changes as the selection in a (popupmenu) "category field" is modified.  I have followed the example from the help feature to a T.  I have a suspicion that the problem is stemming because both fields are repeating fields.


      The first repetition is never an issue.  It is only when I select a new category value in a subsequent repetition that the value list considers all previous repetitions in the category field.  How do I overcome this undesired effect?


      Please help!

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          "How do I overcome this undesired effect?"

          There are valid reasons for using repeating fields. However, in this case, if you can replace your repeating fields with a table of related records, you'll eliminate this issue. (Even horizontally oriented repeating fields can be replaced with a table of related records.)


          Otherwise, as far as I know, you'd need to define a series of individual fields--each with separate value lists to do what you want.