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    Dynamic Value List Help



      Dynamic Value List Help



      Ok I have followed the tutorial on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVTRGhIEz6E

      I have a TypeOfLeave table (Type of Leave is the Category, the "Make") and I have a CategoryOfLeave table (Category of Leave is the Subcategory, the "model").

      TypeOfLeave has 2 fields, LeaveTypeID (number, auto-enter serial) and LeaveTypeName (text).

      TypeOfCategory has 3 fields, LeaveCategoryID (number, auto-enter serial), LeaveCategoryName (text) and LeaveCategoryParentID

      TypeOfLeave is connected to TypeOfCategory by TypeOfLeave::LeaveTypeID to TypeOfCategory:: LeaveCategoryParentID.

      The Dynamic Value List Works. The problem is that while the drop down lists in both TypeOfLeave and TypeOfCategory display the Name once I select the Name from the drop down menue the ID number appears in the field instead of the name!

      I did select show values only from second field and I selected names for the second field.

      I can’t figure it out. I did everything according to the video correctly I’ve checked over it multiple times and even played with changing things around and it doesn’t work.

      I’m running FileMaker Pro 11 on a PC if that helps.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I had to copy and paste the text of your post into a word processor so that I could enlarge the text enough to read it.

          That's how drop down lists are expected to function. You can switch to a pop up menu instead of a drop down list and the name field from field 2 will still show after you select a value from the value list.

          You can also place the name field from the related table next to your drop down list field to show the name. If you use behavior settings to deny access to the name field, you can even place it on top of the drop down list formatted field.

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            I still need to allow users to type text into the field when the drop down menue doesn't meet their needs, so a popup menue will not work as popup menues don't allow this.

            I got around the problem by relating the LeaveTypeName (text) to the LeaveCategoryParentID (changed to text from number).

            HOWEVER, now the problem is that the leave category field displays the value from the Leave type and not the selected category from the drop down menue.

            I have LeaveCategoryParentID as the first field and LaveCategoryName as the second field, i have selected "Show values only from second field" .

            the Leave Category drop down menue displays the corect dynamic list based on what i have selected in Leave Type. However once i select the appropriate Leave Category it is displaying the leave type instead! what is the problem!

            I'm sorry the font was so small last time. thank you for your help.

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              On what table is the layout on which you have set up your value list formatted fields based? Is it based on TypeofLeave or some as yet unamed third table? To provide a more detailed description of how to get the name fields from the related tables to display the missing text requires that I have a detailed understanding of all tables involved and how they are related.

              This statement raises a bit of a problem:

              I still need to allow users to type text into the field when the drop down menue doesn't meet their needs

              Since your value lists enter a number, not text, entering text not part of of the value list enters completely different data from the ID number the value list enters. This could create potential issues--especially since we need to use the relationship to access the names stored in your tables of values when they don't enter a new value.

              Much as text books will tell you to base relationships on ID numbers, this may be a case where basing the relationships on name fields will work better for you as then you will not have the ID number appearing in your layout field and the data in the field will be text whether it is selected from the value list or typed in by hand.

              Just so you know, with scripted support, it's possible to enter or select text in a value list formatted field and have it used to look up ID numbers for existing values and yet be processed however you need it to be when it is not a name that exists in your value list. This makes auto-complete a possible feature for your value list as well.