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Dynamic Value List Help

Question asked by JoshPoplawski on Mar 6, 2012
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Dynamic Value List Help



Ok I have followed the tutorial on Youtube:

I have a TypeOfLeave table (Type of Leave is the Category, the "Make") and I have a CategoryOfLeave table (Category of Leave is the Subcategory, the "model").

TypeOfLeave has 2 fields, LeaveTypeID (number, auto-enter serial) and LeaveTypeName (text).

TypeOfCategory has 3 fields, LeaveCategoryID (number, auto-enter serial), LeaveCategoryName (text) and LeaveCategoryParentID

TypeOfLeave is connected to TypeOfCategory by TypeOfLeave::LeaveTypeID to TypeOfCategory:: LeaveCategoryParentID.

The Dynamic Value List Works. The problem is that while the drop down lists in both TypeOfLeave and TypeOfCategory display the Name once I select the Name from the drop down menue the ID number appears in the field instead of the name!

I did select show values only from second field and I selected names for the second field.

I can’t figure it out. I did everything according to the video correctly I’ve checked over it multiple times and even played with changing things around and it doesn’t work.

I’m running FileMaker Pro 11 on a PC if that helps.

Thanks in advance.