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Dynamic value list will not populate

Question asked by MattClifton_1 on Mar 18, 2014
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Dynamic value list will not populate



     I'm developing a client-invoice database, and am having trouble getting a dynamic value list to populate. 

     I have a table called Clients and a table called Visits (essentially a work session for a client). Their relationship is such that a client may have multiple visits. 

     In Clients, there is pkClientID - a primary key with numeric auto-entered serial number.

     In Visits, there is fkClientID - the foreign key which matches pkClientID in the Clients table. This is also a number.

     On the main layout for Visits, I have the field fkClientID populated as a pop-up menu, with values set from a dynamic value list defined by "clients::pkClientID". (Clients also have a name field, which ultimately I will add as the "second field", and display only the name, but even sticking to the simple ID does not work).


     The trouble is that this value list does not populate - nothing appears in the field. I cannot even click into it.


     - the Field Behavior is set to allow entry in Browse Mode

     - I'm not concerned about tabbing at this stage, although that field DOES have a tab number associated with it.

     - The Clients table definitely has a unique numeric value for pkClientID in each record.

     - I don't use globals at all.


     The only thing that's perhaps strange about this table is that originally, I used a different field as its primary key (a text field with a 3-character code) and I created the numeric ID after the database was populated - I populated the unique numeric IDs using the "Replace Field Contents" function. However, I have since removed and re-added the relationship between Clients and Visits, using the correct numeric primary/foreign key pair.

     Now, If I create a NEW table called ClientTest, with ID and name, relate it appropriately to the Visits table, and fill in a few records manually, I CAN successfully display its values in a dynamic value list in the Visits layout. So I could try exporting the current Clients table out, create a brand new table, and re-import the data, but I'd like to know if there's anything I should check first.

     Hope that all made sense. Grateful for any advice.