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Dynamic Value Lists

Question asked by DEM_Proper on Oct 16, 2010
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Dynamic Value Lists & Multiple Data Entries......


I’ve constructed a dynamic value list,  which functions thus.   There are (3) main categories defined.  Under each main category are several subcategories, for example

Main Category:Nissan,        Subcategory: 200SX, 280SX, Pathfinder, Altima, Maxima, etc.

Main Category: Toyota,      Subcategory: Land Cruiser,  Tacoma, HighLander, etc

This Dynamic Value  List currently only allows entry to one set (pair) of entry fields. I need  the dynamic value list to provide data entry for a maximum of five paired,  separate entries in the same layout. Any ideas or suggestions will be sincerely appreciated. I can provide Table Relationship structure information if needed.

Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated.......

Daryl  Murray