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    dynamic values list advanced



      dynamic values list advanced


           I have 3 tables.






           Each bill have a client and a contact


           my dynamic list currently only shows the contacts for the choosen client.  If no company is chosen, no values are avail.  is there a way to make the values list show every contact if no client is chosen?  thanks

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               Since you don't describe your relationships, my guesswork may not perfectly match what you actually have in place.

               You can use a calculation field as a match field that returns a value when no company is selected that matchs to all contacts.

               Say your current relationship is:

               Bills::CompanyID = Contacts::CompanyID

               Change it to:

               Bills::cCompanyMatch = Contacts::cCompanyMatch

               define Bills::cCompanyMatch as:

               If ( IsEmpty ( CompanyID ) ; -1 ; CompanyID )

               and clear the "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" check box.

               Define Contacts::cCompanyMatch as:

               List ( CompanyID ; -1 )