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    dynamic, user customized, value lists with sort problem



      dynamic, user customized, value lists with sort problem


      I am trying to set up a method for allowing certain drop-down menus to have both default and user-added items. The user-added items will be unique for each FMP user. I also want to be able to control the sort of the items and hopefully use seperator lines where desired. I have tried a few schemes using FM value lists and even looked thru the forum, but I cant quite get it to work. 


      My current scheme involves using a couple tables and relationships that feed a value list, as follows.


      Table 1: has a field with the "menu name" text string.

      Table 2: is a join that has the menu name and a group number that provides a relational selection of items in Table 3:

      Table 3: is a list of Group number, Menu Item Name, and Menu Item Sort Code 


      Table 1 is related to Table 2 by "menu name"

      Table 2 is related to Table 3 by "menu name" and "group number"


      The resulting value list has all the right items, but I cant control the sort without displaying the Sort Code in the second field. I have tried setting the sort in the relationship, which works for the Table2/3 sort, but then the individual groups are merged alphabetically (not desired).


      How can I make this work? 



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          When not using custom values, Filemaker insists on sorting the values in the manner you have encountered and with the limitations you describe. Even being able to sort on a hidden column would be an improvement. I've requested this on FMP's feature request form in the past. Perhaps others should do likewise as this is one area where competing products provide much nicer options for displaying table data in a value list.



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            seems sorting valuelists has been wanted since at least V6 (or whatever was before 7)... IMHO - it's doubtful they'll add it now.


            We've been working on it here. In a MySQL table, we have the values, and a Sort_Value. With some custom functions, we've managed to sort the arrays any way we want. Now I'm trying to get them in a valuelist.

            Problem - unstorable calculation holds the results of the custom function.

            Read to have a lookup field (that can be indexed) look at that calc field, and base a valuelist off that lookup field. But it's not working so well right now. 

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              Thanks for your reply. It's always good to know when to stop pounding my head against an immovable object! I tried the hidden column approach by returning the second field used for sort with a TextColor white added, but the color gets stripped off the text, which probably makes menu's more consistent, but limits us this way...


              I'll add my voice to the FM feature request. What is up with Filemaker though? Some really simple feature requests get really ignored... for forever?