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    Dynamically add records



      Dynamically add records


           Hi all,


           I am rather new to FM and I am working on a solution where I can store clients.

           I would like to be abble to input (for example) telephone numbers. When I have one then the option appears to input another one, and so on. 

           I now did that with a portal to my telephone table and this works but... A portal has a certain height. I want to have a height of one row and that it axpands. When it expands it should pusch the other items down.

           Is this possible? How would you do that?

           A client could have 1 number or 8 I don't know that upfront.

           thanks in advance,
           Aaron Petrovic

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               If you are adding related records, the closest to that that you can come is to use a portal with a scroll bar so that you can add as many related records as you need. There are alternative methods for adding records to that portal if you do not wish to scroll to the bottom of the portal each time you want to add a new record. And while portals work well for entering data, they can be a problem for printing that data so developers often use a portal for data entry of related data, but use a different layout based on the portal's table for printing the data. Such a layout can include fields from the parent table--not just the portal's. The invoice starter solution is an example of this method.

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                 Hi, thanks for your answer.

                 It will be a verry small scrolbar when I only see one row to begin withcheeky
                 To keep everything nice and tidy it would be nice to have a feature that can do that.
                 Only show things that are filled in and hide things that are not needed.

                 But I have searched and searched but coud not find the solution, so I think there is none.

                 Now I have to find a nice way to do it so that it does not cluther up my screen.

                 Thanks for your help!


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                   It would not be a very small scroll bar as I am not recommending that you use a one row portal for this since you can't dynamically add more visible rows to your layout when adding additional rows. You have to compromise between putting so many rows in your portal that you do not have room for the rest of your layout and so few that you cannot easily work with the data.

                   And you may want to take a look at using a tab control as a way to "declutter" your layout by breaking up your layout design into sections and putting each section on a different panel in your tab control.

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                     Yes that would be the only way, using tabs.

                     thanks again